Scientific training & policy




**Originally published as a pre-print December 3, 2017: Athanasiadou R, Bankston A, Carlisle M, Niziolek C, McDowell GS. 2017. Assessing the Landscape of U.S. Postdoctoral Salaries. BioRxiv. 227694; December 3, 2017. doi: (PREPRINT).

***Outstanding Publication Award (entire book The Postdoc Landscape) – 2019 American Educational Research Association, Special Interest Group for Graduate and Postdoctoral Education across the Disciplines.

****Originally published August 2, 2017. Updated version published December 1, 2017.

*****Version 1 published November 17, 2016 (contains pre-injunction data). Version 2 published September 28, 2017 (contains additional post-injunction data and other updates).

******Mentioned in the JMBE Themed Issue on Science Communication editorial and included in the “cultural change” section of this issue (March 30, 2018).




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