Since 2017, Adriana has led several independent projects on policy analysis, training and resource development (*).


Recently, Bankston Policy Consulting LLC was created to formalize this practice (read more below). Please email Adriana to discuss potential projects.


Selected projects:


Bankston Policy Consulting LLC provides a variety of services to stakeholders and individuals invested in and working towards building the next generation of leaders in science policy across a number of industries within the U.S. science and technology policy ecosystem. The firm places special emphasis on services that empower students and early career researchers to impact policy at all levels of government.


Services include working with universities, nonprofits and individuals to perform in-depth research and policy analysis on a number of policy topics; conduct landscape analysis and produce reports; design and facilitate career presentations and training workshops; create relevant toolkits and resources for developing science policy skills and competencies; develop platforms and tools for scaling up and expanding policy offerings; provide advice and facilitate end-to-end strategic project development and execution; and empower organizations and individuals to achieve desired policy change.


*Contains both independent and LLC projects