Adriana has led several independent projects on scientific research policy, advocacy, training and resource development, including freelancing and through Bankston Policy Consulting LLC.


The firm provides a variety of services to stakeholders and individuals invested in and working towards building the next generation STEM workforce through policy change across a number of industries within the science, technology and innovation ecosystem. Special emphasis on services that empower students and early career researchers to impact policy at all levels of government.


Services include

  • Working with universities, nonprofits and individuals to perform in-depth research and analysis on a number of science policy topics;
  • Conduct landscape analysis and produce reports;
  • Design and facilitate career presentations and training workshops on scientific research policy;
  • Create relevant toolkits and resources for developing policy skills and competencies;
  • Develop platforms and tools for scaling up and expanding policy offerings;
  • Provide advice and facilitate end-to-end strategic project development and execution; and
  • Empower organizations and individuals to achieve desired policy change to support the future of science and technology.

Selected projects

Universities Research Association: Working on a science policy and advocacy competition series with graduate students in STEM, culminating in science advocacy with Congressional staff.


Federation of American Scientists: Worked on a project advancing policy entrepreneurship to assist the federal government in fostering innovation and U.S. competitiveness.


Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society: Examined science policy engagement at the state level using an online platform with several elements enabling societal change through policy impact.


Advancing Research Impact in Society: Developed an InterSECT Job Sim on science policy course and a padlet toolkit for program expansion.


Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science: Gave Impactful science policy writing: Empowering scientists to engage society talk on connecting science and policy, and policy publishing opportunities.


Graduate Career Consortium: Contributed to Imagine PhD Advocacy Career Development Content, including example resume, cover letter, and advocacy resources.


Arizona State University: Co-designed Scientific Solutions for Society (SS4S) Certificate Program as part of ‘The Future Substance of STEM Education’ program supported by NSF.


Inside Higher Ed: Contributed articles to Graduate Career Consortium Carpe Careers blog, including on pursuing non-academic careers, mentorship and leadership in research.


“Dr. Adriana Bankston’s commitment to developing the next generation of policy leaders, her outstanding leadership skills, her ability to finalize projects while fostering collaboration, her innovative thinking and ability to create new directions and programs, and her exceptional presentation abilities make her an invaluable asset in the field of science policy consulting.” Larisa K. Schelkin, CEO, President & Founder, Global STEM Education Center, Inc.







“I especially admire Adriana’s openness to innovative collaborations on a multitude of projects and her ability to bring in the voices of early career researchers in all spaces. Drawing upon years of experience and invaluable skills, Adriana brings invaluable expertise in writing and communicating scientific insights to policymakers, ensuring our voices are heard and understood at every level.”Ona Ambrozaite, Ph.D. Candidate, Johns Hopkins University.