Editorial experience

  • Led the partnership development, issue launch and writing workshop planning on the JSPG side for the Intersectional Science Policy JSPG/NSPN 2021 Policy Memo Competition & Special Issue (in partnership with SACNAS, 500 women scientists and NSBE)
  • Contributed to organizing the JSPG/NSPN 2020 Policy Memo Competition for the JSPG Special Issue: Volume 17, issue 02
  • Academic issues: Inside Higher Ed, ASCB COMPASS, GSA Genes to Genome, ecrLife, NPA POSTDOCket, eLife, PhD Balance, Proteintech Group, Association for Women in Science (AWIS), The Female Scientist
  • Career transitions: NIH BEST Consortium, Beyond the Professoriate, ASBMB Today, ASM Careers, PLOS ECR
  • Engagement of ECRs in science policy & advocacy: Future of Research (FoR), Academics for the Future of Science (AFS), Rescuing Biomedical Research (RBR), Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), Engineers and Scientists Acting Locally (ESAL)
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