Training contributions

Adriana obtained her BS in Biological Sciences Magna cum laude from Clemson University in 2005, and a PhD in Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology from Emory University in 2013.


During graduate training, Adriana was a member of the Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars (GRITS) Planning Committee, a student-run chartered organization that fosters interdisciplinary discussion across graduate programs.


While a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Louisville from 2013-2016, she participated in quarterly meetings to discuss postdoctoral policies at the university from administrative, trainee and faculty perspectives as part of the Postdoctoral Studies Committee. While at UofL, she was the Co-founder of the Career Research Advancement Focused Training (CRAFT) seminar series, which enhances career development for postdoctoral fellows at the university through speaker presentations on various career paths.

Following her interest in academic training, Adriana joined the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) in 2014, where she held various leadership roles including Interim Co-Chair for the Resource Development Committee; Chair of the Keynote and Plenary Subcommittee in the Meetings Committee; and Co-vice of the Chair, Policy, Education and Advocacy Writing Team in the Advocacy Committee. She also provided feedback on NPA-led postdoc exit surveys, and co-wrote a proposal for a publicly-available, opt-in repository of postdoc policies and practices from member institutions.


Similarly, as a member of the Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) since 2016, Adriana held a number of roles including Co-Chair of the PhD Career Outcomes Committee, where she worked on collating taxonomies used by GCC member institutions and career outcomes data. She is currently Co-Chair for the Skill Development Group as part of the Education Research Committee, which provides support and development to GCC members interested in developing and integrating evidence-based research, tools and resources into their work.


As a member of ASCB’s Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS) Career Development Subcommittee, Adriana recruited career panelists for the annual meeting and for ASCB Career Perspectives, and volunteered for CV review sessions.


Over the years, Adriana have been a member of several scientific societies. She is currently a member of the International Science Reserve (ISR) from New York Academy of Sciences. She is also a Full Member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, which occurs by nomination only and in recognition of scholarly achievements and contributions to the advancement of knowledge.

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