Federal advocacy

  • Drafted Women in STEM legislation focused on collection and reporting of data on women in STEM, programming and curricula for professional development, and funding flexibility for childcare and family care (administrative supplements). This legislation aims to mitigate pandemic impacts on the careers of women in STEM some of these impacts and enhance overall STEM workforce diversity. (July 2021)
  • Co-drafted amendment for the Endless Frontier Act to authorize grant programs focused on funding partnerships between institutions of higher education with the highest levels of research activity and HBCU/MSI/TCU-designated institutions committed to the recruitment, retention and advancement of underrepresented students in STEM fields, including PBIs, HSIs and AANAPISIs. These partnerships would support a strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion across the American research enterprise. (with Carl Welliver) (May 2021)
  • Drafted a STEM pipeline amendment to National Science Foundation for the Future Act – H.R.2225 which includes postdoctoral researchers as eligible recipients of the professional development supplement. This amendment was offered on Rep. Lofgren’s behalf by SST Chair Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30). The amendment passed by voice vote with unanimous consent and was adopted during full committee mark-up. (June 2021) (Press release) (Recording)
    • Bill summary: advances policies and funding to raise the bar for the training, mentoring, and professional development of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.
    • Federal update summary: Congressional Legislative Activity – Science Legislation – NSF for the Future Act authorizes funding opportunities for mentoring graduate and postdoctoral students. The bill as a whole passed the House by a vote of 345-67. (June 2021)
  • Drafted language for the graduate STEM education section (section 5) on mentoring and professional development for graduate students and postdocs was incorporated into National Science Foundation for the Future Act – H.R.2225 (March 2021)
  • Contributed to document on priorities that UC would like to see addressed in reauthorization of the NSF in the 117th Congress (research, workforce diversity, graduate education & fellowships) (March 2021)
  • Developed language related to Pell grants for graduate students, some of which was incorporated into UC’s Priorities for Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act in the 117th Congress (allowing graduate students to use Pell Grant eligibility that remains from their undergraduate education; reinstating, and increasing, funding for fellowships and discretionary grant programs intended for graduate and professional education students; providing federal incentives to institutions that ensure underrepresented groups are successful in pursuing research in graduate education programs) (February 2021)

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