Since 2015, Adriana has provided mentoring, advising and career input for early career researchers interested in science policy careers, including reviewing conference proposals and conference committees.


Selected mentoring:

  • AAAS annual meeting (2023)
  • ASBMB Advocacy Training Program (2022)
  • Canadian Science Policy Centre (2022)
  • AAAS & NSF ERN STEM Conference (2022)
  • ARIS Summit (2021)
  • WGR Excellence in Advocacy Awards (2021)
  • NSPN SciPol Scholars in Residence (2021)
  • The Science Coalition Student Video Challenge (2021)
  • NSF Research Experience and Mentoring Program Grantees Meeting (2020)
  • L’Oreal USA For Women in Science Fellowship (2020)
  • NYAS SALT Program (2019)


Conference committees:

  • Member, Program Committee, Inaugural International Forum on Research Excellence (IFoRE), Sigma Xi (2022).
  • Member, Professional Women in Advocacy Conference Committee, Women in Government Relations (2020).
  • Member, STGlobal Conference Content Committee (2019-2021).



Adriana has also provided instruction or participated in policy training sessions for early career researchers.


Selected advising:

  • Networking with science policy groups and science policy happy hours with ESEP & NSPN (2020 – present).
  • Mentoring on science policy resumes, fellowships and job applications for early career researchers, including preparation for interviews and writing recommendation letters (2020 – present).
  • Advising on science policy career transitions for early career researchers several organizations at a number of universities (2019 – present).


Since 2016, Adriana has contributed to or co-designed several educational resources on science policy training and STEM workforce development, including courses and programs.


Selected resources:



Adriana has also taken a number of science policy courses to learn more about the field.


Selected trainings:

  • Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century, UVA Batten School (2021)
  • Public Policy Analysis for Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals, S&T Policy Academy (2020)
  • Tools for Academic Engagement in Public Policy, MIT Policy Lab (2019)
  • How to Communicate with Congress, AAAS (2016)


Since 2018, Adriana has engaged in a number of peer review activities in several policy areas to support the future of research and workforce development.


Selected reviews:


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