Resource development

Adriana has contributed to or co-designed several educational resources related to science policy training and STEM workforce development.

Educational Contributions

Other Projects

  • Career Outcomes Taxonomy Crosswalk Tool: Collins, Tammy R, Deepti Ramadoss, Rebekah L Layton, Jennifer E MacDonald, Ryan Wheeler, Adriana Bankston, C. A Stayart, et al. 2021. OSF. doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/DWNRK.
  • Licensed open database: postdoclegal 1.0 CC BY 4.0 Github on ‘When Postdocs Go to Court’ (Jennifer Miller, Melania Abrahamian)
  • Participated in Policy Chats (ASBMB, ASCB, AGU, Union of Concerned Scientists, ACS, NPA) and a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (SACNAS, 500 women scientists) (2018-2021)
  • Participated in Twitter account takeovers (IamSciComm, AGU_SciComm, realscientists, RecoveringAcad, SAi) on mentoring, communication, advocacy, mental health and career development (2017-2022)
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