Since 2016, Adriana has participated in workshops on the research environment, STEM workforce, and science policy training.


Selected events:


In addition to these engagements, Adriana has spoken at several national and international science policy workshops.


Selected workshops:

  • SciDipGLOBAL Science and Global Health Diplomacy Workshop
  • Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) Conference
  • ScienceTalk conference
  • Anticipation Conference
  • AAAS S-STEM Symposium
  • DiverseScholar Postdoctoral Conference
  • Professional Women in Advocacy Conference
  • Biophysical Society
  • MOST Policy Initiative
  • ComSciCon Flagship Workshop
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Howard University Science Policy Association
  • Morehouse School of Medicine Science Policy Group
  • Georgetown University
  • Northwestern University
  • Johns Hopkins University