Adriana has written several blog posts, and contributed to statements, press releases, proceedings, reports and scholarly publications on science policy, advocacy and training to support the future of research and the STEM workforce at the federal level.

Blog Posts

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Canadian Science Policy Centre blog & magazine (by invitation)

Enhancing Capacity Building for the Next Generation of Science Policy Leaders

Issues in Science and Technology blog & Kavli Foundation newsletter

Great Science Begins with Nurturing Early-Career Researchers

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Press Releases & Statements

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75 years

ARIS Summit Toolkit

Research in Service to Society

Chapter Contribution & Publication Award (AERA)

The Postdoc Landscape


Issues in Science & Technology Article Contribution

The Next 75 Years of Science Policy





Coming Soon

UNESCO Working Group Meeting

Open Science Policies and Policy Instruments

UN General Assembly Science Summit

UNGA78 Summit Proceedings